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Volume 10

Does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Alone Provide Sufficient Disinfection for Admittance Probe Tips?

AU gives us the lowdown on the use of ultrasonic cleaners for admittance probe tips.

Volume 7

Disinfecting Hearing Aids with UV Light: Yes or No?

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions about the general efficacy of ultraviolet (UV) light for disinfecting hearing aid surfaces. Is it effective? The short answer: it depends.

Volume 6

Amplified Stethoscope Bullet Points – Quick Reference Guide

AU Bankaitis tells us a little bit about the world of Amplified Stethoscopes

Volume 5

Mike Valente: The Helper

Faced with a pressing issue, in need of some quick advice, and with her go-to mentor out of the country, AU Bankaitis cold-called Dr. Valente. She looks back on where that cold call took them as friends and colleagues.

Volume 3

In Search of the Perfect Otoscope: Questions and Answers

A.U. Bankaitis tells us how the quality level produced by a particular otoscope and associated functionality is influenced by the technology you choose.