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Volume 6

Dick Salvi Interview with Doug Beck (2001)

In celebration of his life’s work, friends and colleagues share their thoughts on the outstanding career of Dr. Richard Salvi.

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring: An Interview with Paul R. Kileny, PhD

Our friend from the Hearing Review, Doug Beck, shares his insightful interview with Paul Kileny on Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring.

Volume 5

Music, Sound Quality, and Hearing Aids: An Interview with Brian Moore and Richard Einhorn

Courtesy Doug Beck and our friends at Hearing Review we’re happy to give you An Interview with Brian Moore and Richard Einhorn on Music, Sound Quality, and Hearing Aids.

Volume 4

Improving Speech Understanding in Multiple-Speaker Noise

Beck and Le Goff why the most common problem experienced by people with hearing loss and people wearing traditional hearing aids is not simply that sound isn’t loud enough. The primary issue is understanding Speech-in-Noise (SIN).

RANTS! Some Things We Would Change—If We Could

Marshall Chasin asked a few colleagues in the industry and in the clinic to provide their thoughts (some may consider these as “rants”) about what they would change if they could. These colleagues have been practicing long enough to see many changes in technology and professional service delivery and kindly offer their perspective as to what we might change, if only we could.