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Volume 6

Predatory Journals and Fake News in Audiology

Robert Harrison warns us that if predatory journals persist there is a possibility that “entire fields of fake science will be able to thrive, and we will lose the ability to tell the difference”.

Imposing a Functional Framework on Tinnitus Spectrum Disorder

If we can properly subdivide tinnitus into homogeneous categories, and can associate these subtypes with specific brain mechanisms, then we will be on the road to devising effective therapeutic interventions.

Audiology Training at Home and Abroad

Bob takes a look at the different qualifications that are needed to practice audiology in different jurisdictions around the world.

Can Wind Turbine Noise Make You Ill?

With the increased importance of renewable energy it is important that audiologists become acquainted with the health issues related to wind turbine noise.

Volume 5

How Can We Speed Up Audiology Knowledge Translation?

After recently attending 3 conferences in a short period of time, Robert Harrison explores the question of how to speed up audiology knowledge translation.

Who Does A Full Audiometric Assessment?

Bob’s column for this issue discusses knowledge translation in relation to clinical hearing tests.

Cochlear Implantation: A Great Boost to Hearing Health Care

Bob was recently invited to write the foreword to a new textbook on cochlear implants and implantable hearing devices, and in particular asked to give some historical perspectives. He shares it with us in this issue as “Cochlear Implantation: A Great Boost to Hearing Health Care.”

The Biggest Paradox in Audiology

Robert explores one of the biggest paradoxes in audiology by looking at the past, present, and future of otoacoustic emissions.


Recently, Robert Harrison had the pleasure of attending another meeting of SENTAC, the Society for Ear, Nose and Throat Advances in Children.

Volume 4

The CAA Annual Conference Was Great Except for One Thing…

After a very successful and interesting CAA Conference, Bob Harrison wonders why there was not one single session related to cochlear implantation.