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Volume 10

Experimental Medicines for Hearing Loss: Are Prevention or Restoration Feasible?

Advances in understanding cell death in the inner ear have opened the door for identifying investigational medicines that may prevent hearing loss. There is reason to be hopeful that additional medicines will successfully navigate the regulatory process and one day be available for patient populations.

Volume 9

Summary Paper – Auditory Changes Following Firearm Noise Exposure, A Review*

The author detail why only by providing comprehensive testing to patients at risk for firearm noise exposure will early signs of injury be detected in high-risk populations.

Volume 5

Hidden versus Not-so-Hidden Hearing Loss

The term hidden hearing loss has been used by some to refer more generically to functional deficits such as difficulty understanding speech-in-noise, tinnitus, and hyperacusis, based on the hypothesis that these functional deficits, which are “hidden behind a normal audiogram.” To avoid confusion, it is helpful to use precise language when referring to synapse loss, rather than using the term “hidden hearing loss.”

Volume 1

Impulse Noise Produced by Weapons: Implications for Hearing Conservation

Edward Lobarinas, PhD and Colleen G. Le Prell, PhD explore the possible added dangers to hearing from the trend in military and law enforcement towards the use of rifles for added accuracy and longer engagement distances.